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Well hello!

Inspired to blog by a fellow knitter’s Ten on Tuesday despite it not being Tuesday.  This could be a blip on the radar or my entre back into the world of blogging, which has become an increasingly uncomfortable place for me to be.  I think, as I get older (mature is a stretch!), I feel less and less of a need to share so widely my me.  However, sometimes even I deviate.

Without further ado - 10 things you like about where you live.

1. I love that when I have both of my bedroom windows open, the breeze is refreshing, the curtains blow, and I can hear the mundane noises of life around me. 

2. I love that I have a cherry tomato plant, that I have not killed, producing fruit (35 not yet red cherry tomatoes) on my deck.

3. I love that I have a deck.

4. I love that I also have a basil plant, next to my tomato, on the deck.  It is also thriving and green.

5. I love that I live near everything I need (and despite that I drive almost everywhere).

6. I love that I feel at home in Cambridge and the only thing that makes me want to leave is the stupidly high cost of living.

7. I love that I work less than 2 miles from my house.

8.  I love that I can drive 25 minutes and not be in the city at all.  Or, in the same amount of time, I can hop on the T and be in the center of Boston.

9. I love the diversity of Boston and suburbs.

10. I love the proximity to Cape Cod and Martha’s Vineyard.  And the fact that I can get my beach fix much closer as well.

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