knuttyknitter (knuttyknitter) wrote,

Braided Cable Scarf

As requested, the braided cable scarf pattern:

Amy – A Reversible Cabled Scarf

Cast on 24 stitches

Work 1x1 ribbing for 5 rows.

On the 6th row, *maintaining the 1x1 rib throughout,* cable 8 over 8 and then k1p1 the last 8.

Rib for 7 more rows, and on the 14th row k1p1 the first 8 and then cable 8 under 8, again remembering to work 1x1 rib.

Rib for 7 more rows, and on the 22nd row cable 8 over 8 (in rib!) then rib the last 8 stitches.

Keep crossing every 8th row, alternating cable crossings to maintain the braided look, for desired length.

End on the 6th row after a cable crossing.
Tags: knitting pattern

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