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Long overdue

I've been remiss in my blog up-keep.  It COULD be very therapeutic, but instead I find myself needing to be vague, guarded, and it's the antithesis of therapy.  And really, who wants to read the weekly travails of a weepy and mostly sad me?  I don't even want to read that shit and I'm living it. 

And now for the good stuff... 
Things that suck
Feeling rootless
Not having a permanent full time job
Being sad

Things that don't suck:
3 months off anti-depressants!
Finally going to Israel
Knitting socks

When I was little, and similarly tending towards the negative, my mom used to ask me how school was.  I would list a ton of shitty things 1st.  Momma made a rule - for every bad thing, I had to have 3 good.  I should implement that in my daily life again I think.


hi, there! (i was sick last week and didn't make it to snb.) it's nice to see your update.

i'm definitely not at socks, yet -- but i got bored with plain stockinette, and so i'm attempting a "simple" lace pattern scarf which is definitely challenging for *me*. whenever i goof, going backwards is tough and leads to more problems and eventually wrecks the pattern. also, i chose what turns out to be a tougher yarn (approximately half silk, half wool), and it's slippery... in short, arrgh. but... assuming i don't get frustrated and destroy the whole thing it should be luscious when it's done. :)

have you already been to israel, or are you in process of planning a trip?

as for the sucky things: keep hanging in there. it does get better...
I think it's time to ditch the whole pursuit of happiness thing. It's a total wash- I mean, the whole thinking positive thing is great, but does it actually make anything any better? So far, not for me.

Geez, I'm a downer today, aren't I?

P.S. The CAPTCHA I need to fill in to post this mopey comment is "Bat Danger".

Duh-nuh-nuh-nuh-nuh-nuh-nuh-nuh- BAT DANGER!