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Today I feel thankful

I find this blog inspirational and a reminder of the important things.  I used to log into bloglines (which will be no more as of November 1st) regularly, read people's blogs and live vicariously through them.  I don't do that anymore, rarely even remembering to check on a monthly basis.  But when I do, this is one that makes me want to blog more.  Then I remember my unease with sharing that publicly (see a few entries ago).  I have decided that rather than maintaining my previously (minimally maintained) bitch fest, I'm re-inventing my blog and myself as a blogger.  I will not use my blog to air dirty laundry, over-share about things personal self-indulgently whine*.  Instead, I am transforming my blog into a public reminder to myself of all the things that make me thankful, grateful, and delightedly content.

Today I went to a beautiful memorial service for an amazing man.  I hadn't been to a funeral/memorial service for a while, maybe since 2003.  This one was at a small Reform synagogue in Winchester.  The sanctuary was dark hard wood with understated stained class windows.  It was small, but made the service feel more intimate.  This amazing Renaissance man died too early from a horrible relapse of cancer, but his wife spoke so eloquently about how at peace he was, even through his final days.  And how lucky she and the rest of the immediate and extended family were to be with Peter.  She maintained amazing composure as she read a letter that he had written to the rabbi prior to their marriage about why he wanted to marry her.  And their 14 year son sat and listened, his eyes glistening with tears.  This man was so loved and touched so many.  All in all, it truly was a celebration of his life. 

Death does funny things to people.  Sometimes it makes us regress, behaving like a small child.  Sometimes it makes us angry.  Today, it made me thankful.  Thankful that I was able to know Peter and be touched by him.  And hopeful.  I hope to be as lucky as Peter - to have people love me so dearly and come together to celebrate my life.  But I have much to do before then. 

*I might slip occasionally


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